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Subcontracting of specialized services


GCE Global Solutions is a firm of
Subcontracting of specialized services focused on the provision of shared and complementary services provided between members of GCE® for small, medium and large companies at a national and international level.

We can work together in the provision of Accounting, Legal, Administrative and Commercial services provided in more than 125 locations worldwide through the GCE Global NETWORK.

We work as an external entity for our client companies, we seek to streamline and maximize professional, organizational and financial resources so that they can focus on their own business.
To be recognized by 2026 as the Specialized Services firm, a benchmark in the Mexican market with an international focus.

Our Team

CVO (Chief Visionary Officer)
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Our Services

Subcontracting of specialized services

It is a practice in which a company or individual hires another company or individual to perform a specific service on its behalf.

Subcontracting refers to the practice of hiring one business or individual to perform a specific service on behalf of another business or individual. Specialized services are those that are not directly related to the main activity of the company or business.

In legal terms, companies that hire other companies to perform specialized services are considered “indirect employers” and have certain legal responsibilities in relation to contract workers, including compliance with labor laws, workplace safety, and protection of workers rights.

International Payroll Services

Payroll Advisers

GCE Enterprises Acquired Payroll Advisers on the 15th of April 2022 to focus the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Business at a Global level.

Payroll Advisers was founded in Canada and is one of the longest established international brand of employment solutions including global Human Resources, global Payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) services to over 25 clients across 231 places around the world.